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Why am I here?

29 Dec

I am driven to achieve the most persistent and consistent tranquillity in my life – enabled by boundless health, wealth that provides freedom, and life balance.

My mission is to optimise my life’s moments by the restless and consistent pursuit of learning, development and actions that enable me to help – directly or indirectly – the largest number of people remove their own blockers to tranquillity and achieve their Purpose. So, my Purpose is to enable others to achieve their Purpose.

I believe our consciousness is the process of creating a model of the world using multiple feedback loops in order to accomplish a goal [Michio Kaku] – on our own and with others. The bigger the positive goal – up to an ‘ultra goal’ or Purpose-level goal – the bigger the impact on the world. I am passionate about extending our understanding of how we can do better at being Purposeful, goal-oriented creatures. I want people to achieve their maximum potential and flow with the optimum level of effort.

The core of everything I do uses cognitive science to get insight on our human species and our interactions as social creatures. The aim is to improve people’s lives.

I will operate with a lightness of touch and heart – a generosity and empathy – such that I will inspire, engage and enthuse all those that come into contact with me.

I will make my gleaming instance as bright as it can be.